The Cat and the Cobra


The proprietor Eric is welcoming but not so welcoming that it feels awkward, if you know what I mean. After browsing the newly opened store, I ask him the origin of the name. He attributes it to a conversation between he and his co-proprietor. They liked the name. Googling the phrase, I discover that videos of cat versus cobra fights are popular, and the band Les Savey Fav has an album by that name. For what that’s worth.


What we have here is a vintage store with a biker theme. The first clue? Vintage motorcycle as window display. A rack holds more varieties of Harley shirts that a non-biker could imagine existing. According to Eric, the shirts are highly prized in the Far East. You can also find boots, boots, boots, jackets, denim and other interesting stuff.


I pause over a Bemidji Woolen Mills shirt-jacket, and a fringed black leather jacket. But it is a fall-hued Italian-made mohair pullover that makes me pull out my credit card. It is soft and pleasingly fuzzy. My granddaughter, who attends a Spanish immersion daycare, dubs the sweater “Grandma’s oso jacket.” She approves of the purchase.

My chat with Eric is engaging. We discuss the demise of Bonicelli’s Kitchen, which was located directly across the street. His diagnosis of the cause of death is lack of curb appeal and visibility. I agree. One could pass by regularly without noticing. Too bad. We also discuss the popularity of vintage pinball machines and the idea of a pinball pub. Having good memories of playing pinball in my slightly misspent youth, the idea of combining pinball with beer sounds like a winner. A motivated entrepreneur could likely find an available and appropriate space on our street.

Eric the proprietor, wearing a vintage biker jacket that once belonged to his father.

Motorcycles are not and never will be my thing, having experienced during college an uneventful ride up 35W which nonetheless terrified me. Nevertheless, I feel comfortable and happy at The Cat and Cobra. If that fringed leather jacket is still there next time I venture in, it may have to come home with me.

Our next stop on Central Avenue NE will be Fair State Brewing Cooperative.

See you soon!


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