Ten Things . . .

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At least for those whose lives are kid-free, these days of greater quietude give one time to ponder. Long walks on quiet streets, no-rush mornings, cooking at home rather than eating out, no worries about “what should we (I) do this weekend?”.

In all times, writers are advised to “write what you know” Familiar places, experiences, people (just change the names to protect the guilty, right?). This morning an obvious question occurred to me: What do I know the most about?

Later in the day I wrote a list of ten areas in which I might be considered knowledgable, not that I am an expert in ANYTHING. Spending eight years getting an undergrad degree at the U of MN, because I was interested in pretty much EVERYTHING, turned me into a wide-ranging dabbler.

Contemplating what I, personally,  know the most about, led to another question. What would I like to know more about?

Dear Reader, if you are so moved, pull out your journal or your legal pad. Don your thinking cap and begin writing the list of what you, unique human being that you are, know the most about. It’ll be fun. You have the time.

List of ten done? Good work. Now write a list of ten things you want to know more about.

Compare the lists. Do you have overlaps? I certainly did.

Do you see anything you would like to pursue in these strange at-home times?

Share your list if you want to. I’ll post mine in a couple of days.

Sending you a virus-free virtual hug!

One thought on “Ten Things . . .

  1. 1. Sudoku. 2. Photography 3. Awareness of the beauty all around 4. Music 5. Fitness, with daily exercise. 6. Healthy eating 7. Avid reader 8. Ever-expanding spiritual life. 9. Adventurous traveler. 10. Crossword puzzle solver.

    The things I think about doing, but never quite get there are: 1. Volunteering for worthy causes 2. Learning to improvise on the piano 3. Creating delicious vegan food 4. Losing 5-10 pounds 5. Making more headway on my huge backlog of books and magazines 6. Going hiking on mountain trails. 7. Paring down my belongings even more. 8. Finding a way to relate better with my grandchildren, other than just saying “hi”. 9. Be braver to do things by myself 10. Find friends who share my interests and invite them to join me. I look forward to seeing your list! Janet

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