1 + 1 +1 . . .

Ask anyone. We are in the middle of a mess – a pandemic revealing huge weaknesses in our health care systems, crazy prices for pharmaceuticals, environmental degradation, income inequality, racism, lack of housing, rampant substance abuse, political divisiveness, a broken government, greed, incivility, violence, human trafficking, an ineffective criminal “justice” and prison system, to name a few. You can surely add to the list. In the face of myriad issues, we can become hopeless, overwhelmed, even cynical.

Here’s a challenge for each of us. Envision any societal challenge as a locked door seeking a key, then become the key.

Dear readers in the United States and those around the world–you know who are, where you are, and what you particularly care about. Pick a problem that speaks to your heart, or one in which you have some expertise. Likely those categories will overlap. Devote yourself to that one issue, trusting that there are other people who are willing and able to tackle the rest of the list. Further educate yourself on that issue. Seek out others who share you passion. Learn from them, learn together. Get to you those who are in a position to effect the change that you seek–legislators, local officials. Get busy! Become an expert in your area.

If this speaks to you, let me know. I have a passion for the well-being of those in prison and being released from prison. If you read my previous posting on those lacking homes, you know that many of those individuals have criminal records. At one point in my career, I worked as the director of spiritual care in a men’s maximum security prison. Time to educate myself further on possibilities for positive change in the incarceration system and find others who are engaged in this work.

You + another person + another person . . . = Positive Change!

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