The Dream, Marc Chagall, 1939

“When an idea is so old, and is so generally believed, it is probably true in some way.” Carl Jung, Psychological Types, Vol 6, Collected Works

The quote from Jung refers to the symbolic meaning of dreams. From as far back as humans have been recording reflections on their experiences, dreams have played an important role in understanding ourselves and the reality that underlies our ordinary experience.

“Oneiromancy” is the technical term for the interpretation of dreams. From the Bible, to the Talmud, to the works of Homer, Greek and Roman mythology, as well as the works of Freud and Jung, dreams are taken seriously and their meanings sought.

In upcoming posts, we will delve into dreams–how they have been viewed in the past and how our dreams may help us in our day-to-day lives.

I am in the process of collecting dreams from followers, friends, and family. If you have a dream that you would like to share (your identity will never be publicly revealed) you may send a summary to: gail@eye2.us. Dream interpretation is one of my skills, so if I have any insights, I will respond.

Stay tuned, sweet dreamers.

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