Super-Sized Pink Moon

Rising this evening in the southwestern sky is the Pink Full Moon. Know as “Pink” not for the actual color, but for the season in which it appears. Spring. The time of blossoms emerging on trees, in gardens, and in the woodlands. The time when color returns after a winter of whites, grays. browns, and blacks.

Those who came before named the April Full Moon to honor the return of color. What a joy!

Looking out my South Minneapolis window I see emerald grass, chartreuse shrubs, and tangerine tulips. The ash trees, although always late to leaf out, swell with the promise new growth at the tips of each branch and twig.

As if the Pink Full Moon is not enough, this is also the first Super Moon of the 2021. Our beloved moon is passing slightly closer to earth, making the disc appear 12-15% larger than average.

My readers outside of Minnesota may get a chance to view this natural wonder. Here, clouds will likely interfere. But fear not! Twenty-eight days from now, the moon will once again be full, and will once again be super.

I encourage you to observe yourself month to month as the lunar cycles pass. Do you feel a difference in energy or focus as the moon moves from new to full? Personally, I tend to dream more vividly around the new moon. Around the full moon, I am more distracted, misplacing things and generally being klutzier than usual. Let me know what you experience. If the oceans are affected, why shouldn’t we, who are watery, salty creatures, also feel the pull of the waxing and waning moon?

Get out tonight and do you best coyote howl!

One thought on “Super-Sized Pink Moon

  1. I Love your writings here regarding the Pink Full Moon. Just spot on. I too feel different at the new moon as then we expand towards the full moon. My energy increases. My mind expands. I just said to Lee this morning ; of course we feel different as the moon gets full; just as the waves are affected. Dear Gail ; we think alike at times. I too tend to misplace my keys , sleep a bit longer in the AM as I am restless at nite. I took a picture of the full moon last night outside in the front yard about midnight and then again about 4:30 AM the bedroom was lit up so I took another one from the window ! Plus I am very aware of what sign the moon is in each 2-3 days as it travels Thru the zodiac. This full moon was in Scorpio ; your moon sign I believe and the sun is in its opposite sign of Taurus. I think this helps to ground the water sign of Scorpio to make a balanced beautiful full moon experience. I watch the moon everyday to watch its progression. Thanks for sharing this interesting read ! πŸ’—πŸŒœπŸŒ•πŸŒ›πŸ’—


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